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Inspired by: FP7 » Total security in the city

version: 1 / created: 2009-11-23
id: #307 / version id: #307
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Originally submitted by: Joe Ravetz
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Last changed by: Joe Ravetz
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Source of inspiration

European Commission Framework Programme for RTD (FP7)

Theme/activity of inspiration

Theme 8 - Socio-economic Sciences and the Humanities

Sub-theme/area of inspiration

Regional, territorial and social cohesion

Optional reference/s to FP7 project/s

Use the following format: Project Acronym (Project Reference No.). Use commas if more than one project is associated to this Wild Card, for example: ALFA-BIRD (213266), SAFAR (213374), LAPCAT-II (211485)
Social Polis (217157) http://cordis.europa.eu/fetch?CALLER=FP7_PROJ_EN&ACTION=D&DOC=5&CAT=PROJ&QUERY=012520e4090c:78a2:3739a7a2&RCN=89118


(max. 9 words)

Total security in the city


(approx. 150 words)
Please describe the Wild Card (approx. 150 words)
In Manchester the final solution to urban decline has now arrived – the all-gated community containing housing, leisure, work, shopping and education – all within a carefully graded pervasive-IT whole-household security system. Affluent professionals need no longer re-locate to the countryside.


security, urban, communities, housing, pervasive, privacy, technology


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Human planned (e.g. terrorist attack or funded scientific breakthrough)

Type of emergence

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Human-built Systems - E.g. organisations, processes, technologies, etc.




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Level 3: important for the European Union Manchester, UK

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Very uncertain

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Emergence of a new system (e.g. new technologies, new paradigms)