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Inspired by: scientists/researchers » Super Human Red Blood Cells.

version: 4 / updated: 2013-01-29
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Originally submitted by: Charlotte Bilo
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Source of inspiration

Scientists/researchers (incl. reports, plans and statements)

The source of the Wild Card is



(max. 9 words)

Super Human Red Blood Cells.


(approx. 150 words)
Please describe the Wild Card (approx. 150 words)
Scientists have developed synthetic particles that closely mimic the characteristics and key functions of natural red blood cells, including softness, flexibility, and the ability to carry oxygen. Where will this technology take civilisation in the future?


Nanotechnology- Super Human Abilities, Synthetic Red Blood Cells


(max. 250 characters)

Scientists have developed Red Blood Cells that function in a very similar manor to biological red blood cells. The theory that I propose, and by the turn of the new century, synthetic red blood cells may form an inextricable synergy with the human body. The technology has the potential to allow for more oxygen concentration with the blood, thus enhancing all bodily process. This is some-what similar to blood-doping.


Closest timeframe for at least 50% likelihood
Please use one of the following options:

Features of life if the wild card manifests

Feature 1: business models and industrial environment
This would have no major advantages for business or the industrial environment, as the focus of this technology would be based on enhancing the performance of individuals.
Feature 2: education and research environment
It will provide many avenues for research, and allow scientist to discover the full potential of the human body...
Feature 3: consumers, markets and lifestyles
It has the potential to enhance lifestyles, people suffering form disease within their respiratory systems would benefit form this technology... It will also allow athletes to reach new highest, because there body will be able to diffuse oxygen rapidly and easily..
Feature 4: technology and infrastructure
The technology already exists, although, rightfully so there are limited avenues for this technology to advance. This is because society as a whole has been against such things as genetic engineering..
Feature 5: politics and global affairs
This would be a very controversial concept within the global political environment, it would not really provide any substance to political affairs as it is aimed at advancing the health of Human Beings.
Feature 6: health and quality of life
It would allow people with respiratory disease a 'new life' and enable them to live their day-to-day lives with more ease... It wold enhance the quality of life for people, because such problems as asthma,
Feature 7: security and defence
the technology would have a major influence in security of defence.

Type of event

Human planned (e.g. terrorist attack or funded scientific breakthrough)

Type of emergence

please select (if any) describe related trend or situation
A new development/situation
(e.g. a Romani state is established in central Europe; A message from an alien civilisation existing on a distant planet is received and understood, etc.

Historical parallels

The has been a major influx in the amount of universities throughout the world that now offer Nanotechnology as a undergraduate course, then masters, then PhD... Careers are now being created out of this research area.

Type of systems affected

Human-built Systems - E.g. organisations, processes, technologies, etc.




please specify:
please select
Level 4: important for the whole world

Early indicators

(including weak signals)

The fact that scientific studies have already begun. Another example is blood-doping.

Latent phase

Obstacles for early indentification

cultural/religious filters (values, traditions, faith, spiritual beliefs)
institutional filters (rules, laws, regulations)
political filters (party or ideological interests)

Manifestation phase

Type of manifestation

In a probably pervasive way (contagious or transmittable)

Aftermath phase

Important implications
Emergence of a new system (e.g. new technologies, new paradigms)

Key drivers or triggers

Provide up to 2 possible drivers or triggers of HIGH importance. Click on HELP to see examples:
please describe
Driver / Trigger 1
please describe
Driver / Trigger 2
Social Sport Athletes
Technological/Scientific Innovation

Potential impacts (risks & opportunities)

Timeframe options
Risks Opportunities
(within 1 year after the Wild Card manifests)
uncertain Advanced respiration
short term
(1 to 5 years after the Wild Card manifests)
uncertain Great potential for athletes
medium term
(5 to 10 years after the Wild Card manifests)
long term
(more than 10 years after the Wild Card manifests)
Possibly the weakening of the Human's potential to produced blood cells.

Relevance for Grand Challenges

where? please justify:
particularly relevant Europe world
Ageing and other demographic tensions
Diseases, health and well-being
Ethics and abuse of S&T
Innovation dynamics

Relevance for thematic research areas

please justify:
particularly relevant
Nanosciences, nanotech, materials & new prod. tech.