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Inspired by: FP7 » New Diseases Caused by Tissue-Engineering

version: 2 / updated: 2009-12-01
id: #522 / version id: #79
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Originally submitted by: Cornelia Daheim
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Source of inspiration

European Commission Framework Programme for RTD (FP7)

Theme/activity of inspiration

IDEAS: Interdisciplinary


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New Diseases Caused by Tissue-Engineering


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Standardised transplantations of tissue-engineered organs lead to new, unexpected diseases and physical disfunctions.


manipulation, biotechnology, unexpected diseases, biotechnology, proteins


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Unplanned consequence of events/trends/situations (e.g. financial crisis, accidental breakthrough)

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A contemporary equivalent of past Wild Cards
(e.g. earthquake, tsunami or, similar to the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the USA breaks up into independent countries sometime between 2025-2050, for example)

Historical parallels

Several times before, it occured in clinical research that new techniques were applied and only years after, side-effects of the therapy were recognised. Extreme example: Contergan.

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