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Inspired by: FP7 » Intelligent clothing

version: 2 / updated: 2009-12-31
id: #647 / version id: #399
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Originally submitted by: Martin Fatun
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Last changed by: Martin Fatun
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Source of inspiration

European Commission Framework Programme for RTD (FP7)

Theme/activity of inspiration

Theme 3 - ICT - Information & communication technologies

Sub-theme/area of inspiration

Components, systems, engineering

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SYSTEX (224386)


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Intelligent clothing


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Not only closing with integrated electronic appliances and data transmition channels, but as well closing which can instantly change its collor, shape and size in harmony with surrounding environment or on demand of user. And also clothing with selfcleaning and selfrepairing capability. All of this may be reality due to advanced electronic components and nanomaterials integrated into clothing fabric. Thenks to new technologies and materials Europe may be again clothing factory of the developed worl.


ICT, intelligent clothing, nanomaterials, integrated electronic appliances, intelligent fabric, intelligent textile


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