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Mapping Wild Cards

Inspired by: FP7 » Cure for Cancers

version: 2 / updated: 2009-12-01
id: #511 / version id: #91
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Originally submitted by: Cornelia Daheim
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Last changed by: Cornelia Daheim
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Source of inspiration

European Commission Framework Programme for RTD (FP7)

Theme/activity of inspiration

Theme 1 - Health

Sub-theme/area of inspiration

Transnational research on other major diseases: cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes/obesity, rare diseases, etc.


(max. 9 words)

Cure for Cancers


(approx. 150 words)
Please describe the Wild Card (approx. 150 words)
Due to a breakthrough in the stemm cell therapy, a cure for different kinds of cancer is developed. Longer life expectancy and higher quality of life is reached. Thereby the aging of the population is taking place even faster. Social systems are overburdened.


cancer, cure for cancer, life expectancy, social systems, aging


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Type of event

Human planned (e.g. terrorist attack or funded scientific breakthrough)

Type of emergence

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An extreme extension of a trend/development/situation
(e.g. Increased global warming leads to a total ban on fossil fuels)

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Level 4: important for the whole world