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Inspired by: celebrities/artists » University offers Lady Gaga sociology course

version: 9 / updated: 2011-10-23
id: #1810 / version id: #1237
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Originally submitted by: Rafael Popper
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Source of inspiration


The source of the Weak Signal is

Lady Gaga course at the University of South Carolina - http://www.gagacourse.net/

Signal's headline

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University offers Lady Gaga sociology course

Signal's description

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As reported by BBC, a new course on "Lady Gaga and the Sociology of the Fame" is to be taught at the University of South Carolina. Course documents said students would learn to "engage in sound and substantiated scholarly thinking" on issues related to her fame. The course, which has its own blog, is due to start in spring 2011. The Belgian born sociologist, whose research interests also include counter-terrorism, international policing, crime control and internet technology, says he has seen Lady Gaga in concert 30 times." In the course, Lady Gaga is studied as a social event. So the course is not focused on the person or the music but "thing out there in society that has 10 million followers on Facebook and six million on Twitter". In other words, the "social phenomenon". The course also focuses on business and marketing strategies, the role of old and new media, fans and live concerts, gay culture, religious and political themes, sex and sexuality, and the cities of New York and Hollywood.


Lady Gaga, sociology, fame, celebrities, Facebook, Twitter, education


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A new course on "Lady Gaga and the Sociology of the Fame" is to be taught at the University of South Carolina.

Signal's first apperance


Signal's potential evolution

It could lead to...
issue type of issue/development potential impact on society timeframe for the issue to become at least 50% probable
#1 Emergence of Masters and Doctorate programmes on celebrity studies new/emerging


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Level 1: important for a particular country USA
Level 4: important for the whole world

Filters preventing the signal's monitoring

cultural/religious filters (values, traditions, faith, spiritual beliefs)

Comments on selection:

Conservative groups will probably try to reduce the uptake of controversial celebrities, such as Lady Gaga.

Key driving forces of this signal

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Driver 1 Driver 2
Social Consolidation of the idol/celebrity society
Economic Successful marketing strategies
Values/Ethical/Cultural Decrease of basic values and ethical behaviour

Major risks & opportunities associated to the signal

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Risks Opportunities
before 2015 Further growth of the celebrity culture

Potential stakeholders' actions

short-term actions
(after 2015)
Academic/Research sector Further research on pros and cos of celebrity issues

Signal's relevance for European Grand Challenges

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particularly relevant Europe world
Behavioural change Social media channels used effectively by Lady Gaga
Globalization vs. localization

Signal's relevance for thematic research areas

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particularly relevant
Social Sciences and Humanities Celebrity culture and personal branding
Science in society Creative industries taken more seriously in universities

Pan-European strategies influencing the signal

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particularly relevant
Fostering and facilitating coherent international cooperation in science and technology Global role models

Research-friendly strategies potentially improving understanding of the signal

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please justify:
particularly relevant
Overcoming sub-criticality and systemic failures
To be subcritical means that the effort in a particular field or subfield lacks resources, equipment or a sufficient number of researchers to achieve a desired goal
The growing importance of creative industries

Signal's relevance for future R&D and STI policies

Note: RTD = research and technology development; STI = science, technology and innovation
Creative industries of Europe need more high-level socio-economic and human studies.