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Inspired by: other » The Disappearance of the European Union

version: 1 / created: 2013-01-29
id: #1969 / version id: #1969
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Originally submitted by: Gabriela Luna
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http://www.incae.edu/es/noticias/chile-y-panama-encabezan-de-nuevo-el-indice-global-de-competitividad-en-america-latina.php http://www.lanacion.com.ar/1544026-nuevo-record-de-desempleo-en-europa

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The Disappearance of the European Union

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The European Union will disappear due to the crisis of some of their members. We have seen in the past years that Spain and Greece continue to worsen and some countries such as Germany do not want to keep giving them money. If this alliance continues to have so many problems, the European Union may possibility disappear. The southern European countries, Portugal (49), Spain (36), Italy (42) and especially Greece (96), continue to suffer from significant competitive weaknesses in terms of macroeconomic imbalances difficulties of access to finance, rigid labor markets, and innovation deficit. Spain tops the list of countries with exceptional unemployment rate, on the order of 26.6%, an increase of more than 3 percentage points from 23% in November 2011. It follows Greece, where unemployment rose in September to 26%, on a 7-point jump from the same month last year, and Portugal, which rose from 14.1% to 16.3% unemployment in a year. The Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, during a visit to Germany, said it was "completely unacceptable that 26 million people are unemployed in Europe." And especially denounced the "intolerable" youth unemployment, which was 24.4% in November, with peaks of 57.6% in Greece, 56.5% in Spain and 38.7% in Portugal.


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