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Mapping Weak Signals

Inspired by: NGOs » Obama's controversial Nobel Peace Prize

version: 2 / updated: 2010-12-11
id: #1246 / version id: #1245
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Originally submitted by: Rafael Popper
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Source of inspiration

Non-for-profit organisations (NGOs, political parties, social movements, voluntary associations)

The source of the Weak Signal is

Nobel Prize

Signal's headline

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Obama's controversial Nobel Peace Prize

Signal's description

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The Nobel Prize committee wanted to contribute to enhancing that kind of international policy and attitude which Obama claimed to stand for. So the award reflected the enormous hopes invested in Mr. Obama, both in the U.S. and abroad, since he entered the White House, and the occasionally unrealistic expectations that his presidency could change the face of international diplomacy.


Obama, Nobel, Prize, politics, controversy, peace


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USA President Barack Obama's 2009 win was heavily criticized for being premature and politically motivated. Though Obama himself said he did not consider himself worthy of the award, he nonetheless accepted it.

Signal's first apperance


Signal's potential evolution

It could lead to...
issue type of issue/development potential impact on society timeframe for the issue to become at least 50% probable
#1 Significant change in USA's way of handling international conflicts. discontinuation
mainly beneficial

Under what assumption the Weak Signal might evolve.

Obama's administration embrases a multi-polar approach to deal with international conflicts.


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Level 1: important for a particular country USA
Level 3: important for the European Union
Level 4: important for the whole world

Filters preventing the signal's monitoring

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Comments on selection:

Mass media may not be "allowed" to investigate and report about the real reasons behind such a controversial award.

Key driving forces of this signal

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Driver 1 Driver 2
Political Growing need to stop USA's preemptive war policies.

Major risks & opportunities associated to the signal

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Risks Opportunities
between 2015-2025 Nobel Peace Prize loses international prestige and recognition.

Potential stakeholders' actions

short-term actions
(after 2015)
Media To support investigative journalism on reasons behind this award.

Signal's relevance for European Grand Challenges

where? please justify:
particularly relevant Europe world
Crime and terrorism

Signal's relevance for thematic research areas

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particularly relevant
Social Sciences and Humanities

Pan-European strategies influencing the signal

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particularly relevant
Facilitating and promoting knowledge sharing and transfer

Research-friendly strategies potentially improving understanding of the signal

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particularly relevant
Overcoming sub-criticality and systemic failures
To be subcritical means that the effort in a particular field or subfield lacks resources, equipment or a sufficient number of researchers to achieve a desired goal
Nobel Prize awards should not be politically motivated.

Signal's relevance for future R&D and STI policies

Note: RTD = research and technology development; STI = science, technology and innovation
More research is needed on how to people's contributions towards a peaceful world.