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Mapping Weak Signals

Inspired by: corporate press » lipstick entrepreneurs

version: 4 / updated: 2013-01-29
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Originally submitted by: Faure Julien
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Source of inspiration

Corporate Press (e.g. AFP, BBC, CNN)

The source of the Weak Signal is

Forbes, Le Figaro

Signal's headline

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lipstick entrepreneurs

Signal's description

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Nowadays, we can notice the rise of successful women business owners who are called “lipstick entrepreneurs”. Indeed, the number of women setting up their own business has increased dramatically. The numbers of businesses run by women is set to double in the next decade and for instance, women will create over half of the 9.72 million new small business jobs expected to be created by 2018 in the US. The main reason is the lifestyle that is provided by creating its own business; flexible hours that permit having a good balance between professional and private life, ,freedom and being its own boss. Having its own business is also perceived as a job security. This phenomenon had been facilitated by the internet networking; women can create their micro-enterprises or work for home.


women, own business, enterprises

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Signal's potential evolution

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#1 evolution of the mentality concerning women in business new/emerging


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Comments on selection:

Women who create their own business are victims of cliches and discrimination since the business is still a field where men think they are better and so that women don't have their place in this field. It is a trend that is revoluzionizing the mentality and the tradition.

Major risks & opportunities associated to the signal

Please choose the most appropriate timeframe option(s) to which you would like to provide inputs.
Risks Opportunities
before 2015 banks don't agree to give money for women's projects, customers and suppliers refuse to do business with women (lack of confidence) rise of women own business entrepreneurs
between 2015-2025 fails of women's businesses women are respected in the business, they get more power

Potential stakeholders' actions

short-term actions
(after 2015)
Policy actors (at the international, European and national levels) policy actors help women in their project, give them economic and support aids to facilitate their creation of business
Business actors (incl. SMEs) they support women's projects, do partnerships with them
Non-for-profit organisations (e.g. NGOs, political parties, social movements, voluntary associations) creation of association of women entrepreneurs to help them
Media media are emphazing the initiatives of women, they do interviews of successful women, write reports in the magazines
General public General public support women's enterprises, people who were close-minded are now aware that women can lead a business

Signal's relevance for European Grand Challenges

where? please justify:
particularly relevant Europe world
Behavioural change Women are more accepted in the business field, less discrimination and less men who are macho. They have a family life but also a business life
Economic prosperity/dynamics Women participate to the economic prosperity. Thanks to their businesses they create jobs for example