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Mapping Weak Signals

Inspired by: FP7 » Increasing Migration Due To Climate Change

version: 1 / created: 2009-11-30
id: #477 / version id: #477
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Originally submitted by: Cornelia Daheim
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Last changed by: Cornelia Daheim
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Source of inspiration

European Commission Framework Programme for RTD (FP7)

Theme/activity of inspiration

IDEAS: Interdisciplinary

Signal's headline

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Increasing Migration Due To Climate Change

Signal's description

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Extreme weather phenomena such as hurricanes, storm floods or droughts are already causing migration, especially in parts of Africa and Asia (e.g. in India about 4 mio. people leave their homes temporarily every year). Besides the rising number of these sudden incidents, there are increased "creeping" aftermaths of climate change, such as desertification, the loss of coastal areas by flooding etc., that will additionally cause migration on a much larger scale.


migration, climate change, migration flows, desertification, droughts

Signal's first apperance

before 2000

Signal's potential evolution

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issue type of issue/development potential impact on society timeframe for the issue to become at least 50% probable
#1 WI: Mass migration taking place from the Southern to the Northern Hemisphere. continuation
very harmful

Under what assumption the Weak Signal might evolve.

no sufficient measures taken to mitigate climate change


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Level 4: important for the whole world some rgions will be more affected by climate change than others, the latter will be destinations for migrants